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Environment: The year is 2150 and the world has changed significantly. Years ago companies grew to such great power that they began to develop military technologies and began purchasing resources and small countries around the world. Businesses gained much power, wealth and land. Soon after a great war broke out the destroyed many of the world powers at the time. Radiation and the aftermath of chemical warfare left the survivors of the Great War to seek refuge on the land owned by businesses that survived the war. In time these companies became the world power. People are now born, marked, and live under the laws of the companies. They are the government, the police, politicians and more. Vast waste lands leave little options to travel and cause huge metropolis to pop up. This is where the game comes in. You are a mercenary who works for one of these companies. Complex and high tech wars are fought all the time between the companies that survived the war many years ago and now rule the planets resources. They fight over oil, natural gas, water, wood ( trees are scarce ), and more. You are on the frontlines for the company, capturing resources and fighting rivals. This is the world, harsh and cruel. Full of vast waste lands and huge complex cities. Conquered by ruthless companies seeking to destroy each other and you as a mercenary on the front lines.
4 years, 7 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, 3 hours, 5 minutes ago by Jfignewton

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