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Democreativity is an open invitation to explore the potential of creativity. By highlighting diversity and underrepresented ideas, this project aims to inspire creators all over the world.

We believe democracy is the mother of creativity. Freedom, equality and openness are essential for ideas to flourish. To be creative we must be open to new ideas and different perspectives – freedom of impression is as important as freedom of expression.

Democreativity focuses on different creative expressions and helps give a voice to all ideas, just as democracy gives a voice to all people. Democreativity wants to inspire both players and creators by exploring the world of games beyond media headlines and bestseller charts. Join the search for new formats, stories and heroes/ heroines.

This site is operated by Visit Sweden, the Swedish Institute and Business Sweden. We reserve the right to reject ideas that breach Swedish law and/or threaten a person’s privacy. You, as a Democreator, also have the right to report ideas that infringe these terms and that we may have missed. See our terms and conditions or read our FAQ to find out more.

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